Lovely reference from Marie Lloyd photography and Wrexham wedding trail

March 10, 2015

Had a lovely shout out from the amazing Marie Lloyd Photography. It’s so important to have makeup that photographs well on your wedding day, but don’t take my word for it, no better reference than that from a photographer 🙂

“Morning everyone !! Saturday’s ‘SHOUT OUT ‘ goes to the wonderfulMake-up by Lorraine looking stunning on your wedding day is one of THE most important things , not just the bride,but Mum, bridesmaids and friends, so when your doing your make up you want it to look as flawless and natural as possible, and also a good quality product that is NOT going to smear, or run when those precious tear roll down yours or your very proud mum’s cheeks !! so please pop along to all the fabulous make up artists that we promote and get the best advice, we have an amazing choice in wrexham so if one is booked another may be avaiable!!! pop along to todays shout out Make up by lorraine and have a look at the fabulous work she does… and don’t forget TO BOOK !!!”