4th time lucky for Chester Bride to be with makeup by Lorraine

January 22, 2018

So this week I had a trial for Bride to be, Stacey who had already had 3 trials!……..
On Stacey’s first trial the makeup artist did her own thing! Complete with huge false lashes and in a style completely inappropriate for the look Stacey wanted to achieve.
The second makeover Stacey said was ‘nice’ but didn’t last and went to look ‘cakey’, this was because the makeup artist hadn’t listened to Stacey when she has informed her that her skin was very dry, so the inappropriate products had been used.
The third makeup artist used airbrush makeup but although it looked great in photographs Stacey felt it didn’t allow her to look the way she wanted in real life, something I’m sure you’ll agree, is of upmost importance on your wedding day.
I gave Stacey her 4th trial and I’m pleased to say that she loved her makeup ❤️ in fact I received this message today

“Thank you so much for yesterday. I loved my make up so much that I decided to go out last night. It still looked as good at 1am as when you did it. I’m now excited again for my wedding day as I know I’m in good hands. Xx”

I was really pleased to have met Stacey’s brief and provide her with what she wanted but I am really disappointed it took her 4 trials with 4 different makeup artists to get there! A makeup artist should make you feel at ease, ease enough that you can express your likes and dislikes. They should also listen to you, you know your face and skin better than anyone. The objective of a trial is to create the perfect look for your day so you shouldn’t be afraid to say what you think about your makeup. There is a very fine line to find where you have enough makeup for the camera but not so much that you don’t like how you look in real life!!!
Most brides I meet want to still look like themselves- just the best version, for some that’ll be a full on smoky eye and deep contour and for others it’s about enhancing and defining best features, a good makeup artist will communicate effectively with you to find that perfect look, not just create a look they like!!
Make sure you feel able to communicate easily with your makeup artist so you can achieve your desired look with hopefully the need for only one trial!!! Your trial should be fun and it should leave you feeling excited for your big day.
Lorraine xx