Eyelash perming in Wrexham and Chester

March 7, 2017

So today was an exciting day. I completed my lash perming course! Makeup by Lorraine is now able to offer eyelash perming to her list of mobile beauty treatments.

This was my first eyelash perm, during training we practiced and completed the procedure as well as receiving it ourselves to be able to understand the clients needs and perspectives.

My thoughts; Amazing!!!!

Being a beautician I am not used to receiving treatments myself and being a mother of three I am certainly not used to lying down with my eyes closed during the day for that length of time!!

I wouldn’t say it was an uncomfortable treatment but it definitely wasn’t a relaxing one either. It takes approximately 30-40 mins and if you have an eyelash tint too, be prepared to add another 10 mins on to that time. It costs £25 including an eyelash tint. Your tint lasts 4-6 weeks and your perm lasts 8-10 weeks. This treatment will not damage your lashes in any way providing you stick to the guidelines.

I think it made my eyelashes thicker and appear longer, in short, i’m impressed with the end result and even ventured out of the house without my mascara on- something i’ve not done for quite some time!

You will need a patch test 24hours before, phone 07846699875 for enquiries or to book.